Guide to the Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit

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The Melbourne racing circuit is a city centre circuit within Albert Park, categorised as a medium-fast circuit, with drivers achieving a top speed of around 305 kph (190mph) and an average lap speed of 220 kph (137mph). The circuit is 5.3 km (3.3mi) in length and thus one of the longer circuits in the F1 championship. With 16 turns, several chicanes and one straight-away, spectators can witness some high speed action and tight overtaking manoeuvres.


Drivers complete a total distance of 307.574kms (192.23mi). The track, with its long sweeping curves, tight layout and few long straights, does not leave much room for overtaking and most of the overtaking action takes place at the end of the pit straight. The track is usually a commuter road, so the surface is quite smooth and the grip level medium. This means drivers will opt for lots of down force, with tyre wear being a significant factor. Look for those teams with quick tyre changes in their pit stop to have an advantage.

Located near the city centre of Melbourne, this track has a completely different feel to other circuits in the F1 championship and things like amenities and access play of minimal role here. However, keeping in mind that there will be hundreds of thousands of fans at the circuit on top of the usual residents of Melbourne things can get quite crowded. The circuit is within walking distance of the Melbourne CBD and even closer to the trendy suburb of St Kilda.

There are a total of nine gates located around the perimeter of the circuit. All gates are accessible to Corporate, Grandstand and General Admission ticket holders, except Gate 1, where only Corporate and Grandstand ticket holders will be admitted. It is important to note that General Admission ticket holders with preferred gate entry should enter via the designated gate, but can enter from any of the gates, except Gate 1. However, to avoid delays it is better to use the gate designated on the ticket.

Being a city track, viewing is slightly different from that provided at specially built tracks. The insider tip is to try to get a seat on Brocky’s Hill, which is in the general admissions area of the circuit. From here, it is possible to see three corners in one shot.

Introduction  Circuit details Transportation  |  AccommodationResults