Guide to the Sochi International Grand Prix Circuit

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The idea of hosting a Russian Grand Prix had been raised by Vladimir Putin already back in 2001. But the original thought was to build a new circuit Moscow to host a F1 Championship race. However, this idea never came to fruition. When Sochi won the rights to host the Winter Olympics in 2014, the idea was floated to create a street circuit in Sochi instead. There was, however, concern that the huge infrastructure construction required to host the Olympics would not allow the concurrent construction of a racing circuit. In the end, the concerns were unfounded and the racing circuit infrastructure was completed in time.

Russian GP aerial

The Sochi street circuit has been designed by world renowned racing circuit designer, Hermann Tilke. The circuit will be 5.853 kms (3.637 mi) in length and will run around Olympic Park. At this length, the Sochi track will be the third-longest track in the F1 Season line-up.

The circuit is shaped like a wrench, running right through Olympic Park and the stadiums built for the Olympics. The track runs in a clockwise direction and consists of 12 right-hand turns and six left-hand turns. Racing drivers are estimated to be able to reach a maximum speed of 320 kph at the fastest point on the track. The racing venue will have a capacity to host 55,000 fans, as well as make use of the infrastructure built for the Olympics.

Introduction  |  Circuit details  |  Transportation  |  Accommodation  |  Results