Getting to and from the Sochi Grand Prix Circuit

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Sochi is located near the Black Sea and is a popular seaside resort surrounded by mountains so it is also a popular winter sport resort. It recently has become famous thanks to hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics. Fans will be able to use the infrastructure that was specifically built for the Olympics, such as the railway station and Sochi International Airport.

Most international fans will be travelling to Sochi by air, via Sochi International Airport. The airport serves both domestic and international flights although some international visitors may have to fly via Moscow to get to Sochi. The flight from Moscow to Sochi takes about two hours. The airport is conveniently located only seven kilometres (4.6 mi) from Olympic Park. Visitors have the option of using a shuttle bus, hire car, taxi or railway to get to the circuit.

Russia actually has a fairly good train infrastructure and it is also possible to take a train from Moscow or St Petersburg to Sochi. However, the journey from Moscow will take about 25 hours and from St Petersburg 40 hours.

For European fans, it is possible to get to Sochi by driving through the Ukraine or Turkey (via ferry). But drivers should be wary of difficult driving conditions and make sure they have the proper paper work to cross land borders.

Introduction  |  Circuit details  |  Transportation  |  AccommodationResults