Spanish F1 Grand Prix

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The fifth race of the F1 Championship season takes places in sunny Spain, on the Circuit de Catalunya, located just north of Barcelona, in Montmelo. This circuit has been hosting the F1 Grand Prix since 1991. Barcelona is known as Spain’s motor racing capital, because there are four motor racing circuits in its vicinity: Villafrance, Pedralbes and Mont Juic Park, in addition to the Circuit de Catalunya.

Spanish GP

The goal of building the Circuit de Catalunya in 1989 was to win back the Spanish Grand Prix from the Jerez and Jarama circuits – up until then the Grand Prix was shared among various tracks. Catalunya was able to clinch the exclusive rights to the Grand Prix starting in 1991, when Martin Donnelly had a near fatal accident on the Jerez circuit in 1990. This was 16 years after the last Grand Prix was held in Catalunya, and was seen as a big coup for the circuit.

The 35th Spanish Grand Prix and the first held at the Catalunya Circuit in 1991 was won by Nigel Mansell driving for Williams-Renault, after Gerhard Berger’s engine blew and legendary Ayrton Senna chose the wrong tyres. In the 2013 season, Fernando Alonso elated fans with a home driver win. However, it is still Michael Schumacher who holds the most wins, with six.

In the past, F1 had two Grand Prix races in Spain, the Spanish Grand Prix in Catalunya and European Grand Prix in Valencia. The Valencia Grand Prix was a street track and had been suffering from financial difficulties. At the start of the 2013 season, FIA announced that Spain would host one Grand Prix race, alternating between Catalunya and Valencia. However, Valencia pulled out for financial reasons and the Spanish Grand Prix will, for now, continue to be hosted at the Circuit de Catalunya.

For the Spanish Grand Prix, spectators will have to don their sunglasses, sunblock and hats and enjoy the great Spanish weather, hospitality, atmosphere and food.

Introduction  |  Circuit details Transportation Accommodation  |  Results