US F1 Grand Prix

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The 2012 Formula One Season saw the return of the US Grand Prix, which was last held in 2007 and was won by Lewis Hamilton. F1 has had an on-again, off-again relationship with racing in the US, mainly because F1 does not have a big fan base there. Although car racing is very popular, fans follow motor racing through US institutions such as NASCAR and the Indy500.


The first US Grand Prix, known as the American Grand Prize, was held in 1908 in Savannah. But the first US Grand Prix to be part of the Formula One World Championship took place in 1959 in Sebring. Since then, with gaps, the US Grand Prix races have been hosted in Riverside, Watkins Glen, Phoenix and Indianapolis.

In the 2012 F1 Season, the US Grand Prix took place as the 19th race of the season, but will not be held at the usual Indianapolis Motor Speedway, which hosted the F1 Grand Prix between 2000 and 2007. The US Grand Prix race will be held at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, which has won a 10-year contract to host the F1 Grand Prix.

However, bringing the US Grand Prix back to the US has been an uphill struggle. The contract to host the Grand Prix was lost and got back again. There were countless disputes about building the new track, and even at the start of the 2012 Season it was unclear whether the track could open in time to host the race. However, Austin successfully hosted the Grand Prix race in November 2012.

The last US Grand Prix in 2007, which was held in Indianapolis, was won by Lewis Hamilton. Overall, Michael Schumacher holds the most US Grand Prix wins, with four at the Indianapolis track. The first US Grand Prix held in Austin in 2012 was won by Hamilton and the 2013 Grand Prix was won by Sebastian Vettel.

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