Lotus F1 Racing Team 2015

History in F1

In 2012, the Renault name was dropped from the team name, changing it to just Lotus. Renault has a long and illustrious history in F1, having debuted the first turbo engine in F1 at the 1977 British Grand Prix, at Silverstone. In 1997, Renault pulled out of F1 and only re-entered in 2000, when it bought Team Benetton. In 2005, Renault won its first Constructors’ Championship title and it’s second subsequently in 2006.  In 2011, Renault sold its share to Genii Capital, exiting as a constructor. Team Lotus is affiliated with Lotus Cars, which was a major competitor in F1 between 1958 and 1994, winning seven Constructors’ Championship titles. The Lotus team finished a respectable 4th place in 2013, with 315 points, but fell significantly in rankings in 2014, to eighth with just 10 points. For 2015, drivers remain unchanged, with Romain Grosjean and adding Pastor Maldonado.



Renault has a long history in F1, but it has been intermittent and the company has not always been a constructor, sometimes only a supplier. The Renault engine won the Drivers’ Championships five-times between 1992 and 1997, but technically this does not count towards Renault’s record, since the constructors were Benetton and Williams. However, Team Renault did win both the Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships in 2005 and 2006. It seems that Renault wants to concentrate now on being a supplier, rather than a constructor, hence the name and ownership change in 2012. For the 2015 Season, Lotus has broken its 20-year tie with Renault, changing its engine to Mercedes.

Technical Details & Statistics

This season, Lotus will be using the Mercedes engine, PU 106B Hybrid, with the E23 chassis. This will be a big change for the team, which has so far been using the Renault engine.

Base: Enstone (UK)

Team Principal: Gérard Lopez

Main drivers: Romain Grosjean & Pastor Maldonado

Engine: Mercedes PU 106B Hybrid

Chassis: E23

Debut F1 Season: 1977

Constructors’ Championship Titles: 0

Grand Prix race victories: 2

Pole Position: 0

Fastest lap times: 5


Driver 1:  Romain Grosjean


The 2012 season was Romain Grosjean’s first full F1 season, taking over for Vitaly Petrov. Grosjean drove as a test driver for Renault in 2008, but did not manage to get a seat that season and ended up leaving F1 and racing in Auto GP and GP2 instead. In 2011, Grosjean joined Lotus Renault, again as a test driver, test driving at the Abu Dhabi and Brazilian Grand Prix races. He has been growing as a driver and the 2013 Season was a good one for the Frenchman – he finished the season in 7th place with 132 points. However, the 2014 season was a bit of a disappointment, with six retirements; Grosjean finished the season with just eight points, in 14th place. Hopefully, 2015 will be a better season for him.

Driver Statistics:

Nationality: French

Date of Birth: 17 April 1986

World Championship Titles: 0

Number of Grand Prix won: 0

Pole Positions: 0

Career Points: 252

Podiums: 9

Driver 2: Pastor Maldonado


Pastor Maldonado was a GP2 Champion before joining F1 in 2011, with team Williams, replacing veteran driver Rubens Barrichello. He stayed with Williams for three years, but had a mixed track record – ending the 2011 season in 19th place, the 2012 season in 15th place and 2013 in 18th with just one point. In 2014, he joined team Lotus after a rocky tenure at Williams, where at times Maldonado was plagued with technical problems. Unfortunately, the 2014 season was not much better, with Maldonado suffering five retirements and one DNS (Did Not Start). He finished the season with just two points in 16th place. Perhaps the new Mercedes engine will change Maldonado’s track record.

Driver Statistics:

Nationality: Venezuelan

Date of Birth: 9 March 1985

World Championship Titles: 0

Number of Grand Prix won: 1

Pole Positions: 1

Career Points: 49

Podiums: 1