McLaren Honda F1 Racing Team 2015

History in F1

After Ferrari, McLaren is the second oldest team in the F1 line-up, having been established in 1966. Founded by Bruce McLaren, the team won its first Grand Prix in 1968 in Belgium. A line-up of famous drivers have driven for Team McLaren, such as Ayrton Senna, Emerson Fittipaldi, Nelson Piquet, Niki Lauda, David Coulthard, Alain Prost and Keke Rosberg. In 2007, the team signed a seven year contract with telecom company Vodafone and was known as team Vodafone McLaren Mercedes. But with the sponsorship contract not been renewed the team name is changing to McLaren Mercedes in 2014. The team has an impressive track record and in 2010 and 2011, the team came in 2nd place in the Constructors’ Champion title and in 2012 in 3rd place, 22 points behind Ferrari. The 2013 Season was disappointing for the team, coming in 5th place with 122 points and 5th place again in 2014 with 181 points. In 2013, the team announced that they would be switching to Honda engines in 2015, which also celebrates Honda’s return to F1 racing since their exit in 2008. Therefore, for the 2015 Season, the team will be racing at McLaren Honda.



McLaren has been an extremely successful team, having won eight Constructor’s Championship and 12 Driver’s Championships in the past. The team has consistently placed in the top five for the Constructors’ Championships in the past ten years and has an impressive record. However, the team has not won a Constructors’ Championship title since 1998 and is no doubt itching to win one. For 2015, the team had originally announced that drivers would be Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button. However, during pre-season testing, Alonso got injured in a crash and test driver Kevin Magnussen stepped in for the first race of the season.

Technical Details & Statistics

For the 2015 Season, McLaren will switch from using the Mercedes engine to the Honda RA615H engine and MP4-30 chassis. The chassis numbering MP originally stood for Marlboro Project, but now supposedly stand for McLaren Project.

Base: Woking (UK)

Team Principal: Eric Boullier

Main drivers: Fernando Alonso & Jenson Button

Engine: Honda RA615H

Chassis: MP4-30

Debut F1 Season:  1966

Constructors’ Championship Titles: 8

Grand Prix race victories: 182

Pole Position: 155

Fastest lap times: 152


Driver 1:  Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso has two Drivers’ Championship titles under his belt (2005 and 2006) and just missed the title in 2010, came in a disappointing 4th in 2011 and in 2012 was beaten by Vettel by a mere three points! But 2013 was a killer, with Vettel winning the title by a whopping 155 points over Alonso. The Spanish driver didn’t fare much better in 2014, coming in a dismal 6th with 161 points. Alonso started his F1 career with Team Minardi in 2001 and since then has switched teams several times, from Renault to McLaren and back to Renault and then Ferrari. Alonso is leaving Scuderia Ferrari after five years and joining McLaren Honda. It will be interesting to see if changing teams is going to breathe some new energy into Alonso for 2015.

Driver Statistics:

Nationality: Spanish

Date of Birth: 29 July 1981

World Championship Titles: 2

Number of Grand Prix won: 32

Pole Positions: 22

Career Points: 1,767

Podiums: 97

Driver 2:  Jenson Button

Jenson Button

Jenson Button rose from the Formula Three ranks and joined the F1 racing in the year 2000, debuting at the Australian Grand Prix. Button bounced around from team to team, first driving for Team Williams, then Team Benetton, Team Renault, Team BAR, Team Honda, Team Brawn GP and Team McLaren. He seems to have found stability with McLaren and the 2015 season will be Button’s sixth year with the team. Button fell back a little since his Drivers’ Championship win in 2009 and 2nd place finish 2011. Although there were high hopes for the British driver after his title win in 2009, he has not lived up to his expectations; he finished a dismal 9th in 2013 with 73 points and 8th in 2014 with 126 points. He is a talented driver and it would be nice to see him live up to his expectations in 2015.

Driver Statistics:

Nationality: British

Date of Birth: 19 January 1980

World Championship Titles: 1

Number of Grand Prix won: 15

Pole Positions: 8

Career Points: 1,202

Podiums: 50