Williams Martini F1 Racing Team 2015

History in F1

In 2012, the team changed its name from AT&T Williams-Cosworth to Williams, as its sponsorship with A&T ended and in 2014, the team name changed to Williams Martini Racing – Martini, the drinks maker, became the team sponsor. Originally, founded by Sir Frank Williams in 1977, Williams has been one of the major players on the F1 circuit – winning both the Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships in 1980. Since then, Williams has won nine Constructors’ Championships, the last one in 1997, and stands side-by-side with Ferrari and McLaren as the only three teams in F1 to have won over 100 races.  In 1986, Frank Williams suffered a serious spinal cord injury in a car accident in France. Although confined to a wheelchair, he remains the Team Principal to date. Some of the most famous F1 drivers have driven for Williams, including Alan Jones, Keke Rosberg, Nigel Mansell, Alain Prost, Nelson Piquet and Ayrton Senna, to mention just a few. For 2014, the team added female driver Susie Wolff as a test driver and she remains as a test driver for 2015 as well.

Williams F1


Williams has impressive statistics, having won nine Constructors’ Championships and seven Drivers’ Championships over the years. The team has completed 636 races, with 114 race victories. The team made significant changes in 2012, after a terrible 2011 season – probably the worst in the team’s history – with veteran Rubens Barrichello, leaving the team with just 5 points. Unfortunately, the engine change to Renault and driver changes did not significantly improve the team’s results for 2012 and 2013, finishing in 8th and 9th place respectively. For 2014, the team kept Valtteri Bottas, but added veteran driver Felipe Massa, and this helped the team finish in 3rd place with 320 points. For 2015, the team will keep the same driver set-up.

Technical Details & Statistics

In 2012, Williams switched its Cosworth engine to Renault and this remained unchanged for the 2013 season. Williams has used the Renault engine in the past, between 1989 and 1997, and during that time won five Constructors’ Championships. But for the 2014 season, the team changed its engine to the Mercedes engine and this will remain unchanged for 2015. The team will use the Mercedes PU106B Hybrid engine with the FW37 chassis.

Base: Grove (UK)

Team Principal: Frank Williams

Main drivers: Felipe Massa & Valtteri Bottas

Engine: Mercedes PU106B Hybrid

Chassis: FW37

Debut F1 Season: 1978

Constructors’ Championship Titles: 9

Grand Prix race victories: 114

Pole Position: 128

Fastest lap times: 133


Driver 1:  Felipe Massa

Felipe Massa Williams Martini

Felipe Massa is one of the many talented Brazilian drivers in the F1 circuit. He began his career in 2002 and has 11 Grand Prix wins under his belt, but has yet to win a Drivers’ Championship title. Massa started his career with Sauber and switched to Ferrari in 2006. The best career ranking for the Drivers’ Championship was in 2008, when he came in 2nd place. In 2012, Massa came in 7th place with 122 points and two podium finishes. The 2013 Season was his 8th year with Scuderia Ferrari, but things did not change and he came in 8th with 112 points, with one podium finish at the Spanish Grand Prix. In 2014, Massa joined the Williams team and he finished in 7th place with 134 points. This will be his second year with the team.

Driver Statistics:

Nationality: Brazilian

Date of Birth: 25 April 1981

World Championship Titles: 0

Number of Grand Prix won: 11

Pole Positions: 16

Career Points: 989

Podiums: 39

Driver 2: Valtteri Bottas

Valtteri Bottas Williams Martini

The 2013 season was Valtteri Bottas’ debut F1 season, replacing Bruno Senna as William’s number two driver. He managed to finish 8th at the US Grand Prix, giving Bottas his first Grand Prix points. Bottas’ racing career dates back to 2007, when he joined Formula Renault and won both the Formula Renault Eurocup and Formula Renault Northern European Cup in 2008. He has been a test driver for Williams since 2010 and had F1 Grand Prix debut at the Australian Grand Prix in 2013. The 2014 Season was an excellent one for the Finnish driver. He finished in 4th place with 186 points, with two 2nd place finishes (British Grand Prix and German Grand Prix) – beating veteran driver, Sebastian Vettel, who came in 5th place for the season! This will be his third season with Williams and he will no doubt want to better this year.

Driver Statistics:

Nationality: Finnish

Date of Birth: 28 August 1989

World Championship Titles: 0

Number of Grand Prix won: 0

Pole Positions: 0

Career Points: 232

Podiums: 6