Autódromo Termas de Rio Hondo Argentina

Argentina has not hosted a MotoGP race since 1999. The Autódromo Termas de Rio Hondo track was slated to host a race in 2013, but it was cancelled due to political issues. The track is back on the calendar for the 2014 season.


Part of the deal to host the MotoGP race was to improve the safety at the track and modernise it. Built in 2008, the Autódromo Termas received a major overhaul in 2013. It was re-designed by Italian race track architect Jarno Zaffeli. This has made the circuit one of the most modern tracks and hopefully one of the safest in South America. The track is 2.986 miles (4.806km) in length, with five left corners and nine right corners.

The Autodromo is located just 3.7 miles (6km) from the city of Rio Hondo, in the province of Santiago del Estero. From Rio Hondo, it is easy to take a taxi to the track or self-drive; the track is located to the west of the city and is signposted. From Santiago del Estero, fans should take Highway 9 to Rio Hondo.

The closest airport is the Vicecomodoro Ángel de la Paz Aragonés Airport, which is located 3.7 miles (6km) northwest of Santiago del Estero. The airport currently only services domestic flights to Cordoba and Buenos Aires.