A guide to the Anglesey Circuit

In common with other race circuits in the UK, Anglesey (known as Trac Môn in Welsh) was originally an RAF base and thus the roads and runway were joined together to create the circuit. It was opened in 1997 as a fully licensed MSA (Motor Sport Association) and ACU (Auto Cycle Union) championship racing circuit.

Anglesey Circuit

In 2006, the circuit saw a major overhaul, with a re-design that includes four track layouts: International GP (3.4km/2.1mi), Coastal Circuit (2.5km/1.5mi), National Circuit (1.9km/1.2mi) and Club Circuit (1.3km/0.8mi). This means that the track is very flexible and able to host a range of motor racing events. Today, the track is busy almost all year round, hosting such races as the British Drift Championship, Wirral 100 Motor Club and British Automobile Racing Club, to mention a few.

The International GP circuit layout is suitable for many types of racing, both car and motorcycle. The major straight of the circuit has been named the Tom Pryce Straight, after the only Welsh F1 driver, who died in crash in 1977 at the South African Grand Prix. The International GP Circuit lap record is held by Jim Hutchinson, with 1:21.693 set in 2009.

Super Moto, the fastest growing form of motor sport in Europe, plays a significant part in the season, together with four superb stage rallies and three car sprints to add to the spectator events. The circuit has also become an important test and track day facility for many top racing organisations, including Formula 3 and many of the leading track day organisers.

Overall, Anglesey is a track for the enthusiast who enjoys close-up action with little pampering; with the facilities modernised, it is now a first-class multi-disciplined racing circuit and motor sports centre.