A guide to the Mondello Park Circuit

The Mondello Park Circuit is the only international racing track in Ireland. Built in 1968, the circuit has hosted a range of racing events in its history. In 2000, the track received a major facelift and was awarded FIA International status in 2001. Today, Mondello Park host British Superbikes, British F3 and Pickup Truck Racing, as well as other racing events.

Mondello Park Circuit

The circuit is 2.268 miles (3.503km) in total length and has four permutations: International Circuit, Intermediate Circuit, National Circuit and Short Circuit. The Short Circuit is actually no longer used. The track lap record is held by Johnn Laursen, at 1:28.708, set in 2006. The track is also home to a motor racing museum, well worth visiting. It is home to a large collection of racing cars, including F1, Nascar and prototypes.

The 2001 upgrade has added a hospitality suite complex, pit garage and state-of-the art control tower. The current track owners are eager to not just keep Mondello Park a local race track, but a track that can host international racing events. In another round of upgrades in 2005, spectator grandstands and other facilities were also upgraded.

Mondello Park also offers the opportunity for amateur drivers to experience car racing. The ‘Race Experience’ allows drivers to drive a F1-style single-seater race car around the circuit. On special practice days, drivers can also drive their own vehicles around the race track.