A guide to the Pembrey Circuit

Pembrey doesn’t quite get the accolades it deserves due to its seemingly remote location in South Wales, which is a shame as it presents great racing on nearly 1.456 mile (2.348km) of track and is the home of motorsports in Wales. Like so many other UK circuits, Pembrey was once an airfield so is very flat.

Pembry Circuit

The track is run clockwise and features fast wide sections and slow complex corners. The lap is governed by two vital corners: Brookland’s Right Hairpin, and Honda Curve, each leading on to a critically fast part of the track. The inner part of the circuit is seemingly a never-ending sequence of bends, while the incredibly tight Hatcher’s Hairpin is at the end of the longest straight, making it very easy to overshoot under braking. The lap record is 0:50.079, set by Brian Smith in 1997.

Pembrey holds a variety of race meetings but is not that busy due to the circuit’s remoteness. Events include: kart racing, truck and car racing, championship car racing, British Drift Championship, British Rallycross Championship and classic car racing. Track days, when you can drive the track in your own machine, are also available.

Viewing is good as Pembrey is a flat airfield circuit, but there are big run-offs and no grandstands, thus there is limited cover from the sun or rain. The paddock is on the infield and is accessed between races by walking over the track (entrance is usually free of charge). Mobile catering supplies the food around the circuit and there is a café in the paddock.